June 22, 2017

Downtown Master Planning & Development Project for Public Parking, Transportation & Mobility in Pensacola

Please mark your calendars for the following date and time

The Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) and the SPS Project Team wish to invite you to a Public Stakeholder Meeting regarding the Downtown Master Planning and Development Project for Public Parking, Transportation, and Mobility in Pensacola.

The SPS Team was recently selected in a competitive project RFQ issued by the DIB. The DIB and the SPS Team wish to introduce the project to Stakeholders from the community in order to more fully understand problems and opportunities regarding public parking, transportation, and mobility related to the project scope in the downtown area.

The publicly available RFQ described the project scope as, “Providing professional services to develop a master plan for a variety of Projects relating to parking, pedestrian, biking, wayfinding, shuttle, and overall transportation and conveyance systems in downtown Pensacola… advising DIB staff…and furnishing necessary services to design, administer, and manage the various Projects.”

Stakeholder Meeting
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
120 Church St.
Room #1

Please join us to provide your comments and suggestions to maximize the success and value of this effort for the community.

If you need accommodations for any of
these meetings, please contact
Elizabeth Sloman via email elizabeths@downtownpensacola.com with your request to allow us to plan accordingly.